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Problem... Instant location reporting for peace of mind


EkoTek a solution for Healthcare issues

This unique wireless solution uses the latest technology to improve emergency response through accurate location of alarm signals and provides greater protection for a wider range of healthcare applications. Alerts are automatically sent to two way messaging devices carried by other healthcare workers, fixed display units or to an external messaging system. For reassurance, audio and visual signals are sent to employees seeking assistance to confirm that help is on the way.

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EkoTek takes IFSEC by Storm

EkoTek was officially launched at IFSEC in May 2007. The visitors were impressed with the innovative technology and the benefits of using the solution across a variety of industries. With no competitive product on the market EkoTek captured a lot of attention with live demos running throughout the day highlighting not only the ease of installation and configuration but the location reporting feature.

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EkoTek Launches Internationally In Australia

We are pleased to announce that ID Warehouse is the latest addition to Multitone’s growing number of approved distributors and resellers of EkoTek – Multitone’s new, innovative, and wireless personal protection solution. Based in Sydney, New South Wales, ID Warehouse is Australia’s leading supplier of identification and security solutions, with a product portfolio covering Visitor Management, Access Control Card Technologies, Biometric Solutions, and Personal Protection systems.

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